EIS Seminar

EIS Seminar

2 days

EIS Overview Training

The goal of this training is to give you an overview of all ten volumes in The Effective Interpreting Series (EIS) with an emphasis on improving your teaching.
2 days

Individual Volume Training

In a 2-day training session, a more in-depth treatment of a single volume of EIS is available. These trainings offer guidance in teaching intralingual skills followed by interlingual skills.
6 days

Comprehensive Training

This allows you to enjoy training in all ten volumes. This training may be offered in two 3-day sessions.

Trainings of 3 or 4 days can also be arranged upon request.

All trainings will cover the following information about EIS:

Number of Participants

The maximum of participants is twenty (20).


All trainings are presented in spoken English. Interpreting services, if needed are the responsibility of the host site.

Requirements for Training (Training Time, Room, Equipment, Texts, Expenses)

Roles and Responsibilities

Cancellation Policy — Once a contract has been agreed upon by both parties, the following cancellation policy is in effect.