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DawnSignPress Celebrates 40th Anniversary

  • 25 January 2019

January 25, 2019, San Diego, CA - Media and Publishing House, DawnSignPress is marking their 40th year in media and publishing. In the last 40 years, DawnSignPress has created, developed, produced, published, and distributed quality American Sign Language (ASL) and deaf culture-related educational materials including the most known resource- Signing Naturally series.

The company originated in Berkeley in 1979 when Joe Dannis invested a $1,000 college graduation gift from his father into a business dream that has flourished to become a multi-million dollar publishing and media house specializing in quality educational materials in American Sign Language (ASL).

“As t-shirts became a means of self expression as wearable art and to convey messages (and protests), it was the thing to do in the late 70s, says Joe Dannis, founder of DawnSignPress. “Selling t-shirts with ASL slogans out the back of my van in Berkeley, who knew it would lead me to Signing Naturally products, the most respected resource for learning and teaching ASL."

The celebration will extend throughout the year and begins with our 40th anniversary January special, 20% off any Signing Naturally Students set (expires 2/10), that can be purchased via Through the year, DawnSignPress will offer monthly product specials, throwback videos, giveaways, announcements, and updates. They will be posted on DawnSignPress’s Facebook page (@Dawnsign), Instagram account (@DawnSignPress), and Twitter account (@DawnSignPress).

DawnSignPress has also established a scholarship for CSUN students in honor of the renowned teacher, Lawrence Fleischer and DawnSignPress hitting the 40th Anniversary mark.

A formal 40th anniversary event will take place on July 3, 2019, at Broadway Pier in San Diego, CA. It is an invitation-only event. A media organization, The Daily Moth, will be presented at the event for video coverage. For further media inquiries, contact Susan Gold,

About DawnSignPress: DawnSignPress is a media and publishing house that creates, develops, produces, publishes and distributes quality American Sign Language (ASL) and Deaf culture-related materials. DawnSignPress is on the cutting edge of the educational, cultural, and social trends in the Deaf world. Deaf-owned and operated, DawnSignPress produces materials that raise standards in ASL education, break new ground in ASL literature and the arts, and preserve the unique and rich contributions of the Deaf and signing community.