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DawnSignPress Offers 100 Signs for Emergencies to Nation's Emergency Service Units

  • 20 February 2018

DawnSignPress Offers 100 Signs for Emergencies to Nation’s Emergency Service Units

February 20, 2018, San Diego, CA - Media and Publishing House, DawnSignPress will offer for free their American Sign Language publication, 100 Signs for Emergencies to every Emergency Service Unit in the country through the end of March 2018.

In a move to promote greater understanding between Deaf and hearing communities, DawnSign is making this gesture with the hope that communities may join to realize they are one.

American Sign Language (ASL) use is growing rapidly in this country. President of DawnSignPress, Joe Dannis, would like to see emergency responders among those who are learning some signs.

Dannis said in a recent statement: “Past misunderstandings, some that led to fatal tragedy, could be avoided if we learn a little more about each other. 100 Signs for Emergencies is a simple pocket-sized pamphlet designed to help first responders communicate basic concepts in American Sign Language.”

DawnSignPress is offering the pamphlet free to every Emergency Service Unit making the request during the month of February while supplies last. Send your email request to, or call 858 625 0600 to request your copy. Use “Help with Signs” in the subject line.

About DawnSignPress: DawnSignPress is a media and publishing house that creates, develops, produces, publishes and distributes quality American Sign Language (ASL) and Deaf culture-related materials. DawnSign is on the cutting edge of the educational, cultural, and social trends in the Deaf world. Deaf-owned and operated, DawnSign produces materials that raise standards in ASL education, break new ground in ASL literature and the arts, and preserve the unique and rich contributions of the Deaf and signing community.

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