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DawnSignPress to Publish Renowned Author and Activist, Paddy Ladd’s Groundbreaking Book

  • 25 April 2022

April 25, 2022 (San Diego, CA) - Seeing Through New Eyes, Deaf Culture and Deaf Pedagogies: The Unrecognized Curriculum releases this week from publisher DawnSignPress.

Renowned author and activist, Paddy Ladd’s highly anticipated book on Deaf Education focuses on the contributions of Deaf educators. This tour-de-force examines the history of Deaf education, brings the contributions of Deaf educators to the fore, and codifies the hidden gems of Deaf educators’ wisdom into six levels of development needed by Deaf students.

According to Ladd: “This will be the very first book to focus fully on Deaf educators, saluting them. It’s never been done before. There are many books on Deaf education written by hearing authors; however, there are zero books up until now that focus solely on Deaf educators written by a Deaf author.”

DawnSignPress Executive Producer, Joe Dannis, has a long relationship with Paddy Ladd and states: “This is a historic moment for Deaf Education and for DSP. Paddy’s book shines a light on the path toward Deaf-centered education for Deaf children and we are thrilled to help bring this book to the world.”

To mark the long-awaited book’s release, DawnSignPress will offer a copy signed by the author for the first 50 individuals who purchase Seeing Through New Eyes, Deaf Culture and Deaf Pedagogies: The Unrecognized Curriculum.

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