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Valli's ASL Poetry added to DawnSignPress Vimeo Releases

  • 23 October 2019

DawnSignPress added to the growing list of quality on-demand streaming ASL with Clayton Valli's ASL Poetry available through Vimeo. Valli(1951-2003) was one of his generation's recognized innovators of ASL Poetics. A professor of Linguistics and Interpreting at Gallaudet University, Valli's seminal research detailed his vision of ASL poetry.

Joe Dannis, head of DawnSignPress says: "Valli offered ASL Poetry in ways you never thought of before - for practice of the language, inspiration, insight, and hours of viewing pleasure! It's a privilege to make it available for Vimeo audiences."

In addition to the twenty-one Valli poems performed by various signers with a running time of over 100 minutes, ASL Poetry includes bonus clips of Valli from a series of video letters. Valli also explains ASL poetry terms like stanza, meter, initialized handshapes, and numerical handshapes.

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