• A to Z: ABC Stories in ASL


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    Ben Bahan and Ben Jarashow


    83-min DVD

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    A to Z: ABC Stories in ASL

    A to Z: ABC Stories in ASL showcases six gifted performers:

    • Ben Bahan
    • Linsay Darnall, Jr.
    • Stefanie Ellis-Gonzales
    • Ben Jarashow
    • CJ Jones
    • Brian J. Morrison

    Using imagination and skill they create a visual feast. At once delightful, humorous, inspiring and simply amazing, this collection of ABC stories is sure to entertain.??

    The story titles are:   

    1. Frankenstein's Monster 15. Hot for a Date
    2. No Guarantee in Poker 16 S'mores
    3. My Baby Forever 17. No Free Gas
    4. Lost in Enchanted Forest 18. Ain't Got No ABC Story
    5. Mind Your Table Manners 19. Lame Excuse
    6. Small Fish Story 20. Whose Baby?
    7. Fearful Gymnast 21. Class Reunion
    8. The Break Dancer ABC Stories with Two Rounds 
    9. Unexpected Visitors 22. The Mountain Climber
    10. The Second Coming 23. Foolish Pirate's Gold Hunt
    11. Over the Air in Berlin 24. NASCAR Racer
    12. Frustrated Golfer 25. Civil War Battle
    13. The Haunted House ABC Story with Three Rounds 
    14. Boycott ABC Stories 26. Indiana Jones's Escape

    Ben Bahan, Professor of ASL and Deaf Studies at Gallaudet University provides a detailed explanation of the four basic principles for creating an ABC story. ??

    This DVD is a valuable resource for storytellers, teachers, and students, and enjoyable for anyone who delights to see the artistry in ASL stories.
    Voice-over and Subtitles appear only in ABC Story Principles.