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ASL Literature Series - Student Workbook Set

ASL Literature Series - Student Workbook Set

These skillfully signed, original narratives are designed to acquaint language students with ASL literature and to demonstrate how it reflects the culture of the Deaf community.

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  • ASL Literature Series - Student Workbook Set
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  • Told by Ben Bahan and Sam Supalla, the best of the current generation of ASL storytellers, Bird of a Different Feather & For a Decent Living are combined in a videotext accompanied by a workbook. Used in tandem outside the classroom, these tools will enhance students' ASL comprehension.

    Bahan's fable, Bird of a Different Feather, is about the different-looking bird within a family of eagles. Instead of accepting the bird's differences, the eagle family tries to apply a pathological approach to raising it. This is an odyssey familiar to many Deaf people.

    In Supalla's For a Decent Living, the protagonist is a deaf boy on a journey to find his deaf identity. Escaping from his unsympathetic hearing family, the boy faces the continuing dilemma of proving himself to his family, the Deaf community, and society at large.

    The workbook guides students to retell the stories and recognize the linguistic and cultural aspects of the ASL narratives. Linguistic and cultural notes provide students with background information leading to greater appreciation of events in each narrative.

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    Sam Supalla and Ben Bahan

    8 1/2 x 11 Workbook and One DVD

    208-page workbook and 120-minute DVD

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