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Irene Taylor

11 x 8 Hardcover

160 pages containing 106 color and 37 black and white photos

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Buddhas in Disguise: Deaf People of Nepal

From the compassionate heart of an American photographer striving to understand a mysterious culture comes a remarkable book about the people of Nepal. Irene Taylor, the hearing daughter of Deaf parents, takes you through the Himalayan valleys of Nepal to discover the “silent ones”: the individuals and communities of Deaf people who are isolated by silence but live within the Mother Culture that resonates vibrantly around them, where, she writes, “mystery continues to unfold and the human spirit still runs unabashedly after it.”

For three years Irene trekked the dusty roads and snow-covered mountain passes, seeking the socio-religious perceptions of Deaf people in a non-literate society, a society whose language Deaf people cannot speak or comprehend. By seeing how Deaf people are perceived and treated in Nepal, you will gain a unique perspective on the Mother Culture, and perhaps on cultures worldwide. You will learn to encounter a “Buddha in disguise”—-in Nepalese tradition, a needy person who in some past life attained enlightenment and now appears upon your path to help you grow in compassion.

“This book will create a better understanding of deaf people in Nepal.” —His Holiness the Dalai Lama

1998 Benjamin Franklin Award finalist for excellence in publishing.