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The Effective Interpreting Series: ASL Skills Development - Study Set


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Carol J. Patrie

8 1/2 X 11 Paperback study guide and DVD, 12 month video library access code

142-page study guide and One 63-minute DVD - No Audio.

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The Effective Interpreting Series: ASL Skills Development - Study Set

To be an effective interpreter you need high levels of skill in the languages you use to interpret. Designed for interpreting students as well as working interpreters, ASL Skills Development is full of challenging exercises with videotaped source materials that make your ASL Skills strong and flexible and prepares you to move on to more advanced skills. Helpful theoretical introductions for each topic, Study Questions, and comprehension sections called "Get to Know the Signer," make these materials a thorough, powerful learning tool.


  • Main Idea Comprehension
  • Summarizing
  • Lexical Substitution
  • Paraphrasing Propositions
  • Paraphrasing Discourse
  • Visual Form and Meaning
  • Meaning and Visual Form

ASL Skills are deepened and made more flexible when you can easily identify the main idea, summarize, paraphrase, and substitute words or signs with little effort. With no language transfer pressure, and no time pressure; ASL Skills improve in a way designed for interpreters.

  • Unrehearsed and unscripted ASL source materials
  • Researched theories and carefully constructed exercises
  • Organized logically from easier-to-master skills to complex skills
  • Created for use in the classroom or for independent study

Use these innovative step-by-step self-study materials to enhance your mastery of ASL and become a more effective, confident interpreter.

The Effective Interpreting Series is a multi-installment series offering five sets of source materials in English (to use with any language in a language pair), and five sets of source materials in American Sign Language (ASL). The series takes the complex skill of simultaneous interpreting and breaks it down into manageable components, allowing interpreters to increase the individual skills that lead to effective simultaneous interpreting. 

Carol J. Patrie, Ph.D., CSC, SC:L, CI, CT, was instrumental in designing the Master of Arts in Interpretation at Gallaudet University. With numerous national and international publications and presentations, Patrie is one of the foremost professionals in the fields of Interpretation and Education.