Requirements for Training

Training Time, Room, Equipment, Texts, Expenses

Roles and Responsibilities

EIS Pyramid

DawnSignPress Coordinator

Agreements regarding Dr. Patrie's expenses must be determined and assigned before other details related to planning the Seminars can begin.


DawnSignPress is the Contractor for all Effective Interpreting Series seminars, and will handle the booking of all travel for the presenter. DawnSignPress will submit an invoice to be reimbursed by hosting organization at the completion of the training, for any or all of the following charges incurred:

DawnSignPress coordinator - Serves as the first point of contact for all seminar requests. The responsibilites include:

Host - Serves as the point of contact for the seminar site. The responsibilities include:

Equipment and supplies include:

Room requirements include:

Prior to seminar-

During Seminar

After the Seminar

Cancellation Policy

Once both parties have agreed upon a contract, the following cancellation policy is in effect

Presenter agrees to: