Bragg on Bragg


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Bernard Bragg


88 mins. DVD with English subtitles PLUS 29 mins. bonus features

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Bragg on Bragg

Legendary Deaf performer Bernard Bragg shares a lifetime of performances, experiences, and memories in this newly released DVD, Bragg on Bragg!

With a mixture of classic-to-modern video clips and Bragg's insightful narration, we are offered a special window into his life.

This DVD is an amazing resource for any ASL, Deaf Culture, or Deaf History class. The audience is taken on a journey of the deaf culture landscape through the years.

Bragg on Bragg gives us glimpses of his life from childhood, to educator, and ultimately to performer: 

  • How Mothers Communicate
  • Ursula and Me
  • From English to ASL
  • Annabel Lee

... And many more!

The bonus features section contains select clips of Bernard Bragg from his interview on San Francisco TV station KQED in 1959 to a must see clip entitled Counting Deaf People.

Bernard Bragg has amazed, delighted, and endeared himself to decades of audiences from one end of the globe to the other. Actor, mime, educator, playwright, poet, writer, and a key figure in the founding of the National Theater for the Deaf, Bragg has done it all!

Experience the amazing talents and the legacy of this multifaceted artist!