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Carol J. Patrie

208-page Teacher's Guide- 8 1/2 x 11 Paperback, 12 month video library access code

40-min. DVD, No Audio

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The Effective Interpreting Series: Translating from ASL - Teacher's Set

Translating from ASL teaches the steps necessary to take any ASL source material and complete the following tasks:

  • Analyze the meaning of the message
  • Develop a message equivalent for the target language
  • Test the resulting translation for accuracy
  • Make adjustments to the message where necessary.

These tasks allow students to focus on the message transfer without the time restrictions associated with simultaneous interpreting.

Added features in the teacher's guide make this a comprehensive teaching tool.

  • Teachers are provided with examples of appropriate responses to the questions in the student's workbook (shown in italics).
  • Also in italics are additional teacher's notes providing tips to the instructor for optimal use of the materials.
  • A valuable Five-Step Follow-Up section, following each lesson, reinforces everything the student has learned.

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The Effective Interpreting Series is a comprehensive, multi-installment series offering five sets of source materials in English (to use with any other language in a language pair), and five sets of source materials in American Sign Language (ASL). The series takes the complex skill of simultaneous interpreting and breaks it down into manageable components, allowing interpreters to strengthen the individual skills that lead to effective simultaneous interpreting.

Teacher Trainings AVAILABLE for The Effective Interpreting Series!

As an added incentive, master educator, Carol Patrie offers teacher trainings for The Effective Interpreting Series! Take advantage of this special opportunity for instructional insights to get optimum benefits from these amazing interpreting curricular materials!

If you are interested in hosting a training for your college or university, please send an email to Joe Seifrid at for complete information.

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Carol J. Patrie, Ph.D. known nationally and internationally, and was instrumental in designing the Masters of Arts in interpretation program at Gallaudet University. Patrie is one of the foremost professionals in the fields of interpretation and education, with a focus on curriculum and materials design, national standards, and education for educators.