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ASL Skills Development

Interpreters and interpreting students often want to improve their ASL skills, especially comprehension. ASL Skills Development focuses on ASL comprehension through a variety of challenging exercises with high quality videotaped source materials. Building strong ASL skills supports the kind of linguistic facility that is essential to the interpreting process. Check out the companion volume English Skills Developemtn to refine language proficiency in both languages.

Who is this book for? Interpreting students and their teachers as well as working interpreters can benefit from the study of this volume. It can also be used to earn RID CMP CEUs when you work with an approved RID sponsor.

ASL Skills Developemtn provides theoretical information as well as carefully constructed practical exercises within ASL that increase in difficulty within each unit and also throughout the volume.

  • Visual Form and Meaning
  • Meaning and Visual Form
  • Lexical Substitution
  • Paraphrasing
  • Main Idea Identification
  • Summarizing

Each exercise includes:

  • ASL video source material on DVD or via DSP online library
  • Study Questions
  • The Five-Step Follow-up

The Five-Step Follow-Up is a unique method of self-analysis and encourages reflective practice and is included in each exercise.

The Teacher's Guide includes all of the information and material that appears in the Study Set and:

  • Discussion Questions
  • Suggestions for how to conduct the exercises
  • Samples of appropriate responses to workbook questions
  • The video source material is the same for both Teacher's Guide and the Study Set