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Translating from English

Why teach translating? Those trained to translate know how to transfer a message from one language to another while preserving the meaning across language boundaries. They can also read the entire text or passage before translating, check other sources such as dictionaries, and revise the translation. All this is solid groundwork for the more demanding task of interpreting in real-time.

In Translating from English, top interpreter educator, Carol Patrie seeks to encourage students and interpreters to use creativity and a range of linguistic resources to come up with a faithful translation without the pressure of real-time processing. Learning to translate effectively can be a steppingstone to real-time or simultaneous interpretation. It can also be a worthy and rewarding career in its own right, as shown by the translators who are much in demand at the United Nations, in business, government, and in the academic world.

Give yourself a powerful teaching tool with Discussion Questions, Models of Translation, and Progress Tracking Sheets.