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    Carol J. Patrie

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    The Effective Interpreting Series: Simultaneous Interpreting from ASL - Teacher's Set

    Simultaneous Interpreting from ASL offers a theory-based, results-producing approach to studying and practicing simultaneous interpreting. Carefully constructed exercises link theory to practice. The exercises consist of ASL source materials, study questions and self-analysis through the Five-Step Follow-up. Discussion questions for each topic, additional tips and suggestions for teachers, along with sample answers help teachers maximize classroom instruction time. This volume can be used for classroom or independent study.

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    The topics included in this volume:

    • Consecutive Interpreting
    • Bridging to Simultaneous Interpreting
    • Sources of Error
    • Comprehension
    • Transfer
    • Reformulation
    • Self-Monitoring and Correction

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    The Effective Interpreting Series is a ten-volume series that builds from skills within ASL and English, to interlingual skills such as translation, consecutive interpreting and simultaneous interpreting. Five of the ten volumes are based on ASL source materials, while the other five are based on English source materials. The Effective Interpreting Series addresses the complex skill of simultaneous interpreting in a developmental sequence that predicts success for students and teachers, especially when the series is used as a whole.

    Seminars on using The Effective Interpreting Series in your classroom or your mentoring sessions are now available! If you are interested in hosting a seminar for your college or university, please send an email to Joe Seifrid at effectiveinterpreting@dawnsign.com for complete details.

    About the author:

    Carol J. Patrie, Ph.D., was instrumental in designing and implementing the Master of Arts in Interpretation at Gallaudet University. She is the author of many national and international publications in addition to the 25 titles published by DawnSignPress. Carol is a sought-after speaker and educator, and is one of the foremost professionals in the field of interpretation and education.