Signing Naturally Level 2


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Signing Naturally Level 2

Level 2 contains Units 13-17 and a Cumulative Review unit. Each unit in Level 2 builds upon the topics, vocabulary and grammar introduced in previous lessons in the Signing Naturally series.

While earlier lessons in the series introduced language concepts related to people, places and things within the immediate environment, Level 2 encourages students to talk about people in a more abstract way and to talk about the environment outside of the classroom, i.e., at home or other parts of the country. Students also learn to narrate events that occured in the past, as opposed to telling what is happening currently.

Level 2, students learn to locate things around the house, ask for solutions to everyday problems, tell about life events, describe objects, and talk about weekend activities. In the Cumulative Review for those units, students learn appropriate cultural behaviors for directing and maintaining attention, and a way fo talk that keeps others informed. They also learn strategies such as controlling the pace of conversation and resuming converstations after an interruption.

Features of Level 2:

  • ASL Literature
  • Vocabulary review and definitions
  • Narrative structure
  • Transitions
  • Grammar notes
  • Classifiers
  • Advanced sentence structure

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