Signing Naturally Level 3


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Signing Naturally Level 3

The Teacher's Curriculum Guide has eight instructional units numbered 18-25 along with two other sections - the Signing Stories section and the Breakaways section.

Each unit focuses on different language skills, Some of the units focus on building narrative skills, moving from an informal to a more formal presentation. Others focus on developing converstational skills used in everyday discussion. Several units focus on developing the language skills needed to explain ideas, or concepts; or to tillustrate how things work and why things are the way they are. Some of these units also help develop skills to translate written text into ASL.

Unit 18 "Narrating Unforgettable Moments," Unit 21 "Telling About Accidents," and Unit 25 "Storytelling" are designed to build on the narrative skills students learned in previous levels.

Unit 19 "Sharing Interesting Facts," Unit 20 "Explaining Rules," and Unit 24 "Discussing Health Conditions" are designed to help student relay information they've read or heard about.

Unit 22 "Talking about Money," and Unit 23 "Making Major Decisions" focus on money matters and the processes by which people go through when making major decisions.

Features of Level 3:

  • Expanded student discourse
  • Advanced ASL structure and vocabulary
  • Role-shift variations
  • Formal storytelling
  • Text analysis
  • Formal/informal presentations


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    • Signing Naturally Level 3-Unit 25 (PPTX 131.5 KB

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